Agnes Obel
ESNS: 2011
Agnes Obel has been called a siren and according to the reviews her debut album was 'of disarming purity'. The Berlin based Danish musician doesn't need any help to reach those musical highs. She composed, played, recorded and produced her own debut album Agnes Obel had to move to Berlin to break free from her hometown Copenhagen, Denmark. In the German capital she worked on her solo debut. It almost seemed as if her life, filled with music, ultimately led her to this point, to . In the life of Agnes Obel there was always a piano to accompany her, she was destined to make music. And so she did in the band Sohio and solo with the EP . however is her magnum opus so far. The piano has become just as much a part of her as her singing voice, Obel makes no difference. Dozens of influences have been named in the many raving reviews of , from Eric Satie and Elliott Smith to Radiohead and John Grant, someone used the word pianoscapes to describe Obels music, maybe you can add the word fairytalesque. Her soft and beautiful voice and like minded piano playing is on stage accompanied by harp, cello and melodica. Agnes Obel has been called a siren who made an album of disarming purity, a statement that is impossible to deny. This siren continues to lure audiences to her impressive concerts. The music of Obel leaves you silent, with nothing else than a lump in your throat.
Playing at | Eurosonic