ESNS: 2012
Chafik Chennouf is in possession of golden ears. He signed Starkey, Eprom, Taz Buckfaster and SRC on his dutch Rwina label before any other label had heard of these now renowned names. Chennouf comes from a distant province in Holland, has Moroccan roots and was raised on hiphop. When he is spinning records or making his own music, he is called Akkachar. Between 1999 and 2005 he discovered techno, after that he listened to a lot of dubstep. He mixes all those influences, calling it hypercolorbeats: "you close your eyes and see a hypersonic-world filled with colors and shapes. It has got to be edgy." Besides hypercolored DJ-sets the family counselor, living in Amsterdam, has released his own 12" through Subway records. Beyond dubstep, truly a hypersonic world.
Playing at | Eurosonic