Automatic Sam
ESNS: 2012
Throw your alarm clock out of the window, just as the morning coffee. Keep On Shaking is now officially the best way to wake up in the morning. A marvelous slap in the face, with the promise that this will be the best day in a long time. And that's how the whole debut album, , by Automatic Sam sounds. Keep On Shaking is just one of twelve on , songs that are close to stonerrock but may as well head towards swamp blues. Automatic Sam's album is the next masterpiece coming from the Magic Barn, an converted sheep barn deep in the Dutch region Achterhoek where the band Shaking Godspeed also recorded a great album. And that's the band where singer and guitarist Pieter Holkenborg used to be the drummer. Automatic Sam is officially a band from Nijmegen but is still knee deep (with one leg) in the mud of the Achterhoek. You can hear it, muddy, gritty, dirty, and as good as a six pack of Grolsch.
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