Awkward I
ESNS: 2013
Whispering can be beautiful. The debut album of Djurre de Haan from Groningen, also known as Awkward I, was titled I Really Should Whisper. In 2009 everyone agreed this was a stunning album by a talented singer-songwriter, who at that time was making music for quite some time. People who paid attention knew Djurre de Haan was also playing bass in the Dutch bands Alamo Race Track and Hospital Bombers. In 2011 Awkward I releases his second album Everything On Wheels and once again everyone agrees: it's another great album. Intense alt folk, sometimes toned-down and at other times flaring. Songs and lyrics from Awkward I only got better since he is accompanied by a band where the violin of Susanne Linssen plays an important role. Songs that may start small and intimate, you will only hear guitar and the soft voice of De Haan, but after a while they may increase in strength. Songs about the eternal sequence of leaving, arriving, losing and getting lost. These are the that will attract the listeners to Awkward I and his extraordinary talent.
Playing at | Eurosonic