England, Netherlands
ESNS 2023
Pop Indie Rock
With members from The Netherlands, Spain and the UK, genre-bending trio CIEL came together in Brighton, England. Drawing influence from three countries' scenes and combining their love of fuzzy indie rock, goth and shoegaze, the band’s broody and gritty music is tempered by the soft, icy, but emotive melodies of singer Michelle Hindriks. Their EP ‘Not In The Sun, Nor In The Dark’ came in October via Blood Red Shoes’ label Jazz Life (UK) and V2 Records in Benelux and France.
Performance Time
Wednesday to Thursday night 18 JAN - Werkman College - 23:15-00:00
Thu 19 JAN - PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) - 14:30-14:50

Playing at | Eurosonic