ESNS: 2012
"A fellow in the broadest sense is someone who is an equal or a comrade." Damn right, Fellow is the one you want as your comrade. Behind the moniker Fellow is Aruban Michael Lampe, currently living in The Netherlands. His Run De Dance EP is inspired by the carnival parades on the Caribbean island. He asked all the guest vocalists to imagine being in a parade and hyping up the crowd. Soca, dancehall, kuduro, moonbahton and carnival all blend together in Fellow's music. They love him at Diplo's Mad Decent-label. And that is not just because he is a partner in crime of DJ and producer Jillionaire, who also keeps the Mad Decent blog going. For his visuals Fellow relies on the great artist Ken Wolf. For good, original and forward tropical bass you need Fellow. Your biggest fel.. uhm, friend when it comes to this kind of music.
Playing at | Noorderslag