ESNS: 2023
Two years ago, Veerle Suzanna Driessen realized that a life without (live) music means very little. She radically turned her life around and gave herself the task of writing a song every day. Together with kindred spirits she turned these ideas into five songs. She also formed the five-piece live band FIEP. Veerle writes catchy, distinctive indie pop anthems that are both exuberant and introspective. From post-punky talk vocals to...indie? Ok, calling FIEP indie doesn't do the ingenuity, fantasy and 'catchiness' of her songs justice. FIEP is currently touring the country as part of the Popronde, for which they were picked as OOR-talent.
Performance Time
Sat 21 JAN - Oosterpoort Marathonzaal - 20:00-20:45

Playing at | Noorderslag