Foy Vance
ESNS: 2012
A cottage in the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland was sufficient for Foy Vance. He stuck a piano in it, some recording gear and he was all set to record his album . An album that is extensively praised by Pete Townshend and Bonnie Raitt amongst others. The term singer songwriter is too limited for Vance. You’ll hear echoes of Otis Redding, Richie Havens, Tom Waits and Van Morrison in his music. Soul, blues, gospel and jazz influences come from growing up in Oklahoma and living in Alabama and New Orleans and other places where the work of his father, a preacher, brought the family. The musician from Bangor, Northern Ireland can be big and small. Live he can play on his own or perform with an entire choir behind him. Two of his songs have been used for TV-series Grey's Anatomy. Appropriate, because it's like the album title says: the music of Foy Vance is filled with hope.
Playing at | Eurosonic