ESNS: 2012
Usually when a mixtape is announced by the renowned Dutch collective Fakkelteitgroep all hiphop lovers in the Lowlands are getting nervous. Everybody wants to hear it. The quality of these mixtapes is not only determined by the songs of famous Dutch rappers Rico, Sticks, Typhoon, Zo Moeilijk, Duvel Duvel and Boef En De Gelogeerde Aap, also there are always new artists to be discovered. You could have heard Freez on Fakkelteitgroep Vol. 2 and . He has been making music for eight years now and is best friends with producer A.R.T.. Together they made the song , and ever since everybody who likes hiphop knows his name. His relaxed flow and great lyrics are highly rewarded. His part in Homegrown gives him the opportunity to do what he likes best: performing at impressive shows. Even though right now there is nothing to complain for him on the subject of attention and appreciation, Freez will not rest until he is on the same level as the first Homegrown artists, amongst others Opgezwolle, Pete Philly, Spacekees & Terilekst and C-Mon & Kypski.
Playing at | Noorderslag