French Films
ESNS: 2013
A bit of new wave, some surf rock and a drop of garage. Finnish band French Films mixes different styles with a singing voice that seems to have been recorded somewhere in the beginning of the eighties. Uplifting music with some dark shades present. From a very talented young Finnish band. The voice of Johannes Leppanen makes it very easy to compare his band to The Cure and New Order, especially when you hear some violin synths. Quite some names, however there is more to French Films, to be precise: garage, surf rock, post punk and of course new wave pop. After being signed to the Finnish label GAEA Booking & Records in the fall of 2010 they released their first EP Golden Sea, which was followed by their debut album Imaginary Future in 2011. Ten songs about being alive and about the struggle between the fading dreams of childhood and the growing cynicism, forced upon by the surrounding reality. French Films brings an ode to the young and young-hearted minds. Their reputation as a live band paved the way for a successful tour in Europe and even Japan. This is a film that keeps attracting new crowds. For being fun and being a very good one. Visonnez ici une interview de French Films. Cette vidéo fait partie du rockumentaire anniversaire de la dixième édition des EBBA Awards.
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