Fuel Fandango
ESNS: 2012
In every country people are dancing during the night. In some countries dancing is more common than in other countries. The people from Spain seem to be born with the flamenco in their legs. You can't get rid of that. And Ale Acosta and Nita haven't tried to do so when they started making music under the moniker Fuel Fandango. You can hear all kind of things in the music of the duo from Madrid and Cordoba: electro, funk, rock, but also flamenco. The name Moloko comes to mind if you want to categorize the music of Fuel Fandango. That is partly because of collaboration between a man and a woman, the beautiful high pitched voice of singer Nita and the music of Ale Acosta who has loads of experience, he is amongst others member of Mojo Project. Their debut album Fuel Fandango was recorded in 15 days, to keep things fresh. And that's what they did. It has become an organic mix. On stage Fuel Fandango is accompanied by a drummer, rather important to keep the dancing crowd going. And then you can only close with the short Spanish conclusion for Fuel Fandango's music: Olé!
Playing at | Eurosonic