Gangs of Kin
ESNS: 2023
Pop Soul & Jazz
Gangs Of Kin is Amsterdam songwriter Joël Gaerthé, an eclectic, contemporary artist, a troubadour with a memorable raspy voice and an oracle/barker with witty phrases. Throughout this project, he explores a plethora of genres and styles – from surrealist and psych pop to indie rock and R&B. Gaerthé wanted to produce beats and songs unapologetically, to employ his love for films like Miller’s Crossing and Down by Law as well as J Dilla, lo-fi beats, Flaming Lips, OutKast, MGMT and Tame Impala. Thus, Gangs Of Kin was born.
Performance Time
Sat 21 JAN - Oosterpoort Foyer Grote zaal - hosted by Heineken - 20:45-21:30

Playing at | Noorderslag