ESNS: 2024
HISTER is a drum and bass rock duo from Groningen. They play edgy rock songs, sometimes poppy and uptempo, sometimes dark and slow. But always melodic, loud and energetic. The poetic and sometimes unsettling lyrics are all sung in Low Saxon dialect. ‘HISTER plays alternative rock with a punky attitude. The duo does not present your average band line up. Instead it shows, like several others in the past decade, that it's more than possible to play melodic songs with instruments that are associated with the rhythm section of a band. The songs have a quiet intensity, like a sleeping volcano. They are hovering on the brink of cutting loose, but by showing some restraint it becomes even more exciting.’ Their debut album was recorded in the No Pussy Blues Studio in October 2022 and was released by Excelsior Recordings May 2023. A new single will be released on january 12 and a full album in summer 2024.
Playing at | Grunnsonic