Intercity 106
ESNS 2023
At the end of 2020, (Sjam) Sjamsoedin and Robert Vosmeijer (De Sluwe Vos) took their vocoders, modulars and Juno 106 synthesizer to an isolated location for their new project: Intercity 106. The duo finds itself experimenting with melodies and lyrics, tweaking their modulars, banging their drum machines and pushing the limits of their analog synths. The resulting record has huge club, festival and radio potential, and is strongly rooted in techno, wave and electro from the 80’s and 90’s, combined with a hint of sci-fi their sound is best described as retrofuturism.
Performance Time
Friday to Saturday night 21 JAN - Smoke - 00:00-01:00

Playing at | Eurosonic