ESNS: 2024
Hip Hop Soul & Jazz
In a world full of pain and love, Jooz strives to translate snapshots of life into art. For him, it comes full circle if he can use it to inspire others. The art form in which he currently expresses himself best is music. Jooz's musical style is a fusion of genres, combining elements of Hiphop, R&B, Jazz, Word Art and EDM into a surprisingly fresh sound. Jooz brings catchy melodies with layers for the connoisseur, his lyrics touch on topics such as love, growth and the complexity of life. Jooz is a stage beast pur sang and his presence is magnetic, he knows how to effortlessly draw his audience into his world. Whether at an intimate venue or a vibrant festival, Jooz always knows how to make a connection and build a party. What exactly Jooz is going to do is a surprise every time but one thing is for sure..... JOOZ MAY KNOW IT!
Playing at | Grunnsonic