Never Been To Berlin
ESNS: 2023
Pop Indie Electronic
Never Been to Berlin takes listeners on a journey into uncharted territory. This singer/producer duo, consisting of Midnight Phone Carl (Sander Kaatee) and Goossie Dilligans (Goya Buitenhuis), makes compelling English-language dance music and draws inspiration from a variety of genres. On their debut album 'Aha-Erlebnis' (2020), you can hear mesmerising trance, uplifting pop and downright pounding beats. May 2022 saw the release of their new EP 'Junction', which also has room for introspective listening tracks. Recently, they released the single 'Something Like Me' and just before ESNS, their latest release 'Beautiful Day, Sunday Morning' is planned. Live, the boys set the entire venue on fire time and again. They gave several live shows at EM2 as support for De Likt, closed De Hollander at their first festival Grasnapolsky and at House of Pong as closing act for the Vengaboys. In June, they had their first international debut with two shows in the Czech Republic. During the rest of the summer, they had a festival season with performances at FestivalDerAa and Hungry Wolf, among others.
Playing at | Grunnsonic