Prins S en De Geit
ESNS: 2023
The Hague electro sensation, made up of the eloquent and charismatic frontman-poet Scott Beekhuizen (aka Prins S.), composer-producer and guitarist Marne Miesen and ‘electro-connaisseur’ Daniel Ortgiess. Prins S. and De Geit (Prince S. and the Goat) mixes uplifting, raw dance beats and amusing Dutch lyrics. The witty cover of 'God Is A DJ' (Faithless) further underlines their talent. In 2021 the trio debuted with a string of wonderful, and at times hilarious, singles, and keeps on carrying that cheerful torch in 2022.
Performance Time
Saturday to Sunday night 22 JAN - Oosterpoort Kleine zaal - 00:00-00:45

Playing at | Noorderslag