The Vices
ESNS: 2023
Pop Indie Rock
The Vices present a contrasting mix of Britpop and surf rock. Imagine Cage The Elephant and The Strokes having a love-child who possesses a live-energy that recalls the early Chili Peppers. With child-like fun and relentless ambition they can easily play tight and explosive or playful and danceable. This all resulted in their first club tour selling out immediately, and Nothing But Thieves taking The Vices along as support act to the big venues of Europe. After their successful 2021 debut album the Groningen band presents the EP ‘Strange Again’.
Performance Time
Wed 18 JAN - MAAS Main by Rockpalast - 22:00-22:40
Sat 21 JAN - PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) - 14:30-14:50

Playing at | Eurosonic