ESNS: 2023
Alternative Indie
Rotterdam’s new livewire post-punk act Tramhaus have quickly carved out their own space within the Dutch port city’s notable enclaves of noise-making firebrands. The five-piece prowl right at the nerve center of the city's suffering. On stage, the group creates shell-shocked havoc, together with fragments of unfortunate incidents and bleak everyday realities. Like any great punk rock band in their formative stages, Tramhaus thrive on a knee-jerk energy and pure insanity to propel their songwriting, spitting the words of the oppressor back at their targets.
Performance Time
Thursday to Friday night 20 JAN - VERA - 01:15-02:00
Thu 19 JAN - PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) - 17:50-18:10

Playing at | Eurosonic