ESNS: 2018
In the past few years Wende has grown into one of the most versatile Dutch artists, across pop, electro or classical music, Her first Dutch album 'Mens' (Dutch for Human) is coming out in January, and is the result of a search for the answer to the question 'how to be human in these times of individualism, insecurity and fear’. The answer has been found in confrontational lyrics, written in collaboration with Typhoon, Joost Zwagerman and Dimitri Verhulst. With producers Yan and Ludowic she creates a musical universe where dark underground electro beats and fragile songs go hand in hand. “Wende will switch in a fraction of a second from bombastic to fragile, to gloomy and unpredictable. The human factor is not lost on Wende”, wrote 3oor12. In 2018 she will take her steaming electronics and abrasive lyrics to pop venues and festivals.
Playing at | Noorderslag