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Wander around art


During the upcoming edition of ESNS, there will again be plenty to see and experience in the city. Besides music and gigs, there is also a great offer when it comes to visual art, under the name ESNS Art. Together with Kunstpunt Groningen, we will place three temporary works of art in the city centre of Groningen, the Groninger Museum will open the exhibition The Art of Hipgnosis: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel & 10cc, and Vera Artdivision and Kunstlievend Genootschap Pictura will be unpacking the European Poster Explosion (EPEX), an exhibition full of screen-printed posters by the designers' collective of Vera pop podium. ESNS Art 2023

Art route Off the beaten track

With this walking tour, you go off track and discover off-the-beaten art: art that you don't always notice in the rush of everyday life. Raw edges combined with Groningen's showpieces on the street. Because only when you look differently you see the (un)remarkable art.

Urban bike tour past light artworks

Fancy a cultural and urban adventure in the dark? Discover light artworks in Groningen from your bike. Start at dawn and take a tour of these special (and often undiscovered) works of art in and around the city centre that are not so noticeable in daylight.

Art route by the Groninger Singels

(Re)discover the green singels on the south side of downtown Groningen during a lunch or evening walk. Or just when you take the small path in the middle to walk your dog. This route takes you along 12 works of art that are central to the canals.

Musical tour past street art & graffitigraffiti

This route takes you by works of different street art artists. Walk the short route or grab your bike and do the long tour. You will hear short stories about the artists, accompanied by a musical playlist compiled by Thijs de Vlieger of Noisia and Frank Post (aka Posij).

From Bach to Bowie

This musical city walk will take you through four centuries of music history. The route takes you to the most important places of the past and present when it comes to music in Groningen. During the walk, two exceptional guides will tell you everything from Bach to Bowie. Listen to colorful stories and of course: music!

Artroute memorytrip

This art tour takes you along several places south of the ring road. Places that all tell something about the history of this special area, but are also very relevant today. At the locations you can listen to soundscapes, poems and music fragments. This is how the past comes to life.

Hidden art in the city

In Groningen, artworks are not always prominently displayed on a pedestal, showing off in the centre of attention. The city has quite a few hidden works of art for the observant viewer. Some works are even visible at certain times. We share a few of these hidden artworks here, but don't forget to keep your eyes open yourself, too.