Future-proofing professionals in the music industry

Move on up

Presented by: Crosswise
THU - 16:30-18:00 - Oosterpoort - Ronde Kamer
Artist & management
English spoken
Are we as professionals still future proof? A new collaboration of professionals and universities can future proof the music industry on priority topics such as digitization, maintaining cultural diversity, sustainability and fair renumeration. 'Move on Up' invites you as a music professional and academic to co-create how we all learn and develop the industry of tomorrow. Move On up is a collaboration including SPOT Groningen, ESNS, Tallinn Music Week, Viljandi Culture Academy, KAOS Pilot and NHL Stenden University, that aims to form a network of resilient professionals who learn from each other and tackle big topics step-by-step to push the industry forward. We are currently writing a project plan for a European grant application to close the gap between music management education and the changing practice of professionals in the music industry. We have an idea and would love to hear your perspective! In this conference meeting we want to discuss the following topics: 1. Future-Proofing the Music Industry: Understanding Current Trends and Our Roles, 2. A future-proof mindset for all industry professionals, 3. A network of students, industry and universities that co-creates to solve big issues. Your perspective, how can we help you?
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