Nepotism Knockout!

Building an Inclusive Music Environment

Presented by:
FRI - 12:00-13:00 - Oosterpoort - Binnenzaal
Diversity & inclusion, Safety & mental health, Young
English spoken
If we want to knock nepotism out, then we should make sure we know what it exactly is. How is it rooted in our society and how does it affect the music sector? Throughout this talk we will focus on some initiatives working towards more inclusion and more accessibility within the sector. Drawing on the expertise and experience of key actors within the music industry, Christina Hazboun of Keychange EU will be in conversation with Dr. Pauke Berkers, Emily Gonneau, Celine Kayogera and Loubna el Boujoufi, to unpack their experiences regarding inclusivity and diversity, what they actually are, and how nepotism relates to them, especially in the current socio-political context. Shedding lights on tools like the Keychange Pledge, La Nouvelle Onde and other projects, the aim here is to foster an environment that invites music professionals to think of and implement tools and actions for more inclusivity, to think “outside of the box”; and to introduce some initiatives that can benefit professionals of all ages and abilities.
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