Marnix van Gisbergen
ESNS 2023
Breda University
Marnix van Gisbergen (1974) is a professor ‘Digital Media Concepts’ at Breda University of applied Sciences (AGM: Academy of Games and Media). He is member of the European Digital Communication Awards and Curator board member of Chronosphere (Volumetric Capturing collaboration), co-founder and researcher in Experience lab (BUas) and was a Professor Media Enriched Sport Experiences (powered by ZIGGO and Hilversum Municipality). As a research director of agency DVJ Insights and youth company YoungVotes he was responsible for the initiation and management of media R&D projects for over 75 brands (e.g., RTL, MTV Networks, Sony BMG, MOJO). As a lecturer and researcher at the Radboud University he was involved in over 150 BA and Ma level student graduation projects. In 2006 Marnix got his PhD (NWO grant) in Communication Sciences at the Radboud University
Sat 21 JAN - Forum - Cinema 4 - 12:15-13:15