ESNS introduces Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board


ESNS aspires to reflect the world we live in and the industry we work in. Under the denominator Music for Everyone, ESNS is taking steps towards a more inclusive organization with the goal of showing concrete results by 2024. To this end, ESNS is installing a Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board, which will get acquainted with the event during the upcoming edition of ESNS. ESNS is pleased to introduce the Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board.

Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board
To realize its ambition in diversity and inclusivity, ESNS is installing a new advisory board of young adults. This advisory board consists of a group of students and (young) professionals who will use their expertise, experience and network to make ESNS more inclusive. Within ESNS they bring in new perspectives and give solicited and unsolicited advice.

The advisory board enriches ESNS with new knowledge by being critical and by introducing new networks and perspectives to make great social impact. The advisory board learns how the music industry works and gains a broad network in the sector. Through the exchange of knowledge and experience, ESNS can continue to develop into an organization that is accessible to all.

The advisory board consists of:

From left to right.: Nora Leidinger, Daniële Streep (ESNS), Sasha Vorm, Teuntje Zijp, Kadigia Farah, Lotte van den Broek, Patrick Lumumba Kadjo, Thu Ha Nguyen Thi, Dennis de Groot, M. Groenen, Martin van Engel (ESNS). Not on the photo: Yahaira Brito Morfe.

Nora Leidinger (junior researcher and teacher at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen): "I want to make the music industry more accessible to all people, privately, academically and professionally.’

Sasha Vorm (student communication sciences): ‘I believe that diversity and inclusion can offer us new insights and creates a nice environment where everyone can feel safe.’

Teuntje Zijp (teacher in chemistry and physics at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen): ‘I am committed to the environment and to my fellow human beings. Think gender-neutral toilets, recyclable cups, and wheelchair accessible stages.’

Kadigia Farah (content creator and Beeldbreker): ‘My goal is to improve and broaden diversity and inclusion across all levels of ESNS.’

Lotte van den Broek (recent graduate master Arts Culture and Society): ‘I examined Queer representation in Dutch art museums and look forward to applying the insights from my research to the cultural sector.'

Patrick Lumumba Kadjo (hip hop / rap artist): ‘I truly understand the mission and opportunities ESNS offers to young talents from all over Europe. Being part of the advisory team gives me the great opportunity to have a say in the broad policies of ESNS.’

Thu Ha Nguyen Thi (production manager Nederlands Filmfonds): ‘I am committed to equal opportunities within the cultural sector and enjoy working with ESNS' advisory board to make ESNS an organization that is and should be accessible to all.’

Dennis de Groot (artist and tour manager, and founder of Okay, Sounds Great): ‘I am actively committed to meaningful change within the music industry and look forward to contributing to a more inclusive organization and future within ESNS.

M. Groenen (works at Drents Museum and Into Nature): ‘Creating the most accessible ESNS possible so that everyone, both front and backstage, can come together and enjoy the best version of the festival is central to my participation on the advisory board.’

Yahaira Brito Morfe (student Literary and Cultural Analysis): ‘An organization like ESNS can set an example for industry-wide change so that sharing the passion for music becomes even easier.’

Change manager Diversity & Inclusivity

Martin van Engel joined ESNS in September as change manager Diversity & Inclusivity. As a D&I advisor to (non-)profit organizations, he set up impact research and inclusion programs, and initiated projects himself. Van Engel develops an action plan on all four Ps (Program, Public, Partners and Personnel) together with the organization and experts, and guides the advisory board, together with Daniële Streep, Head of Operations of ESNS.