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Groningen Store (VVV)

Stop your search for Belgian specialty beers, Persian ceramics and toys from China. The best gifts are 'simply' from Groningen. At the Groningen Store, you can find information as well as fun and tasty sustainable products made by makers and inventors from Groningen. And for gifts in the distinctive Groningen style.

Address: Forum, Nieuwe Markt 1, 9712 KN Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 220 m


Do you have a green heart, but still want to give a nice gift? Then choose a gift with a beautiful story. At WAAR you buy better and more conscious gifts. New-fashioned city maps of Groningen, recyclable sandwich bags and unsprayed houseplants. You won't find anything that isn't fair trade, locally produced, eco and/or organic.

Address: Vismarkt 14, 9711 KS Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 260 m

Laif & Nuver

When entering, you feast your eyes. Cosy corners have been created everywhere and everything is for sale. From cushions to paintings and from lamps to plants. And the nice thing is, the store consists of several floors. So there are twice as many beautiful things to snoop through. If you buy a gift here, you'll go home with enough inspiration to give your own place a makeover.

Address: Rode Weeshuisstraat 7, 9712 ET Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 200 m


Looking for something special? Department store KOKOTOKO has little to no stock. Smart Santa Clauses do their shopping here because the chances are very small that the recipient already has the gift. Also nice to know is that with your purchase you are contributing to a happy world. All products are made with care, attention and love for life and the future.

Address: Oosterstraat 26, 9711 NV Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 200 m

De Roemer

Lovers of a good sip of wine will have an excellent time here. This large specialty store sells whiskey, cognac, beer, other spirits and above all: wine. With more than 700 varieties from all over the world, you will always find a tasty gift for real connoisseurs here. Highly recommended for anyone who loves a good glass. Let that lovely evening come.

Address: Astraat 13, 9718 CP Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 800 m

Bonne Saucisse

At this authentic and nostalgic sausage shop, entering through the old French doors is like being in France for a moment. Of course, this Burgundian country should not be missing from the list of delicatessens. Everything in this store not only looks fantastic, but it also tastes delicious. With a cupboard full of pâtés and a large assortment of French sausages, it is guaranteed to be enjoyed. Opt for a sausage with walnut or allspice. Or go for game meat and discover the special taste of wild boar.

Address: Folkingestraat 61, 9711 JV Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 650 m

Kruidenier Wolters

Inhabitants of Groningen have been getting their delicacies at Kruidenier Wolters for more than 50 years. In this Groningen family business, they are happy to help you pick out something delicious. If you want to give a package of genuine Groningen regional products as a gift, this is the place to be. From Knol's cake to a Groninger sausage. Almost all typical Groningen products are available here. And of course, don't forget to take something nice for yourself. Genuine Groningen enjoyment.

Address: Oude Boteringestraat 10, 9712 GH Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 250 m

H. Witting & Zoon

The oldest store in town is the hat and cap specialist store H. Witting & Zoon. No wonder hat-lovers from far beyond the province know their way to this special store. This small historical museum still has old shop windows, an antique cash register from the early days of the store and, of course, lots of headwear. A LOT of headgear. From the one and only Groningen skipper's cap (only available here) to the well-known 'Peaky Blinders' cap and from high quality hats made of pure wool to gloves and other fashion accessories.

Address: Oosterstraat 51, 9711 NR Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 280 m

Knol’s Koek

The best things come from the neighbourhood. So do Knol's cookies. For almost a hundred years, these delicacies have been made in Groningen. Traditional and by hand. In the same way as grandfather Knol did. With even a machine from that period. Take a look at the bakery at the Hoendiep. The smell of fresh cookies already wafts into your nose. Here you get fresh nut cake, old wives' cake or just normal cake.

Address: Hoendiep 93, 9718 TE Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 1.8 km