The Future of Staging

Is 3D Printing bringing DIY and Expertise Together to Create the Stuff of Dreams?

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VR - 13:30-14:30 - Oosterpoort - Bovenzaal 2
Event production, Festivals & venues
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The main stage of any large-scale live event defines its character and originality, as well as providing a window on the event for the outside world through being the centerpiece of 100,000 images on social media. Think for instance about U2's 360 Degree, Roger Waters' The Wall, the Main Stage at Tomorrowland, or Las Vegas' Sphere, to name just a few. But any significant advances in how stages are constructed are as much about the safety of the people working and performing on them as they are about spectacular aesthetics. They also need to be transportable, and preferably sustainable and adaptable. What will the stages of the future look like and how will they affect the nature of the events they’re part of? Can 3D printing provide the raw material for building new and ever more spectacular stages, or is some other technological advance such as super-light rigs or ever more powerful lights and lazers more likely to open new doors to stage designers? How can events, tours and venues of all sizes, from XS to XXL, benefit from new developments?
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