The Spanish Wave Showcase & Fiesta

DO - 17:00-20:00 - News cafe
The Spanish Wave Showcase & Fiesta is back to ESNS after presenting "Focus Spain" in ESNS2023". This 2024 edition will showcase a 100% female ultra cool fresh, hot and dropping jaws internationally already with JULIA SABATÉ (Netherlands/Spain), SILA LUA (Galicia/Madrid), ONA MAFALDA (UK/Spain/Bulgaria) and LALA HAYDEN (UK/Spain).

Julia Sabaté, a charming artist, invites you to embark on a captivating journey of pop, “urban” and high-quality productions through the depths of passion, emotion and genuine feelings. Originally from a humble town in Holland, but deeply rooted in her Spanish heritage; His electronic-based urban pop musical proposal involves intense songs with unique vocal registers. Driven by her innate connection to emotions, cherished memories and personal stories, Julia weaves a compelling blend of pop, electronic and hip-hop influences. Julia was recently performing in Spain at the “Dutch Music Export Showcase” organized by The Spanish Wave at Café Berlin and triumphing at BIME (Bilbao).

Sila Lua is a Galician artist and producer based in Madrid who has been developing her own sound since 2017. Her music lies somewhere between urban music in Spanish and the European experimental electronic scene. This genderless style is the result of his upbringing in Spain and his years living and studying music production in London. Recently, Sila Lua signed with Taste The Floor, the agency in charge of developing the careers of artists such as Nathy Peluso, Marc Seguí or Quevedo. In addition, he has an international contract as an artist with Altafonte, sharing a list of artists with names such as Julieta Venegas, Lennis Rodríguez or Silvana Estrada.

Sila Lua has just finished her participation in a Songwirting Camp in Milan thanks to Italia Music Export and The Spanish Wave, she is also the first Spanish artist confirmed for The Great Escape (Brighton) as part of “Spain Lead Country” that presents and leads The Spanish Wave at this British festival.

Ona Mafalda is a rising singer-songwriter who has captivated audiences with her unique style and deeply personal lyrics. Born in London to a Spanish mother and Bulgarian father, and raised between the UK and Mallorca, Ona's background has had a huge influence on her music.

In April 2021, Ona released her first EP in Spanish, titled "Bailando Sin Sentido", which established her as one of the most promising Spanish pop artists. With her mesmerizing voice and emotive songwriting, Ona has drawn comparisons to established artists such as Lana del Rey and Florence and The Machine.

In May 2023, Ona released her first album in Spanish, showcasing her evolution as an artist and promising to solidify her place as one of the most relevant new voices in Spanish music. With a team of talented songwriters and producers behind her, Ona is committed to breaking barriers and bringing diverse perspectives to her work. Also note that she was a guest artist at two of Coldplay's concerts in Barcelona last May and from there she conquered ESNS and the world.

Lala Hayden is an artist who stands out for having an atypical resume compared to other artists. She cannot be considered as an unknown personality in the entertainment world. In reality, her real name is Laura, and in 2011 she had an important role as a presenter on MTV Spain. Subsequently, she was part of the band Anteros, which is based in London and became one of the revelations of 2018. The Barcelona singer and songwriter has just released her first solo EP, 'Girl Becomes', a quintet of songs with which she delves into 'the wild woman' that has awakened within her when she enters her thirties.

17:00- 17:35 JULIA SABATÉ
17:45-18:25 ONA MAFALDA
18:35-19:15 SILA LUA
19:25-20:00 LA LA HAYDEN

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