Franz Hergovich
ESNS: 2023
Music Austria
Franz Hergovich, born in Vienna in 1967, works as project manager at mica – music austria since 2008. He co-founded Austrian Music Export as common initiative of mica – music austria and the Austrian Music Fund. Since 2011 he is the representative of the managing director at mica. He was head of national distribution at Soul Seduction for a decade and worked as a concert promoter and DJ. He was Secretary of EMO (European Music Office) from 2010-2013, a member of the IAMIC Board (International Association of Music Information Centres) in 2012/13 and managing director of the MICA – Music Promotion Agency GmbH from 2011-2015. Currently he is a member of the board of the network of European Music Export Offices, EMEE (European Music Exporters Exchange).