Nienke Bodewes
ESNS: 2023
Into The Great Wide Open
As one of the founders of maybe the finest boutique festival in The Netherlands, Nienke worked her way up to festival manager and one-third of the small daily management team. She is responsible for all the operational management and personnel. In her career she also worked for Le Guess Who? and Eurosonic Noorderslag and as an organisation consultant for creative agency Triomf. Into The Great Wide Open is a 6000-capacity (it usually sells out in an hour), multidisciplinary festival on Vlieland, a small isle in the north of The Netherlands. Since its foundation in 2009, music has been at its heart, but Into The Great Wide Open showcases visual arts, literature, food and adventurous activities for kids as well. The festival feels it is of major importance to reduce its carbon footprint and has collaborated with several initiatives to come up with innovative and sustainable solutions for environmental problems that do not only benefit its own visitors, but that are often integrated at other festivals and businesses on the mainland. In 2019, this engagement reached a peak as the festival site was declared a fossil and waste free zone. As such, Into The Great Wide Open hopes to take better care of the world in general and Vlieland in particular, so it can retain its rich yet relaxed atmosphere and remain a well-loved destination for culture lovers of all ages.