Rubén Gutiérrez del Castillo
ESNS: 2023 , 2024
General Director, Fundación SGAE
Rubén Gutiérrez is the General Director of Fundación SGAE, Spain’s main Authors and Editors General Society. He has a degree in Economics (UAM), a Master in Cultural Management (UCM) and he's an Expert in Market Research (UCM). He has been a part of the Fundación SGAE team since 1997, when the foundation was created. After coordinating the Studies and R&D department, he was named Director General. As a part of his career at SGAE, he has directed research on Performative Arts, Music and Audiovisual Art, as well as studies on the cultural consumer practices and habits in Spain. He has also directed the Datautor Collection and the New Audiences Collection. He has also participated in research in collaboration with institutions such as the Ministry of Culture or the Cervantes Institute, among many others.