Stefan Reichmann
ESNS: 2023
Haldern Pop Festival
Stefan Reichmann / Haldern & Kaltern Pop. Founder and artistic director of the Haldern Pop brand. As the founder of the Haldern Pop Festival, in the early 1980s, he expanded the given capabilities of the artistic abilities of the village Haldern. He developed the concept of "Volkswirkschaft" and formed the Haldern Pop brand from it. In addition to the festival, the music label Haldern Pop Recordings, a concert agency, a record shop, another festival in South Tyrol. Under this umbrella he established the Haldern Pop Bar, as an "off day" live club for stranded musicians between Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Cologne. He also runs the enthusiasm factory Einfach, König & Du. A good festival is not a place of expectation, rather a playing field of surprises, at best a blank sheet of paper in a milieu characterised by trust, with courage and attention.