Moderator Helienne Lindvall, Swede as candy Music
Speakers Rita Zipora, BAM! Popauteurs / Luc Gulinck, Never Mind The Small Print / Matthieu Philibert, IMPALA / Rutger van Rompaey, Buma/Stemra

A fairer payment of artist for streaming: do the Belgians lead the way?

Presented by: ESNS
FRI - Oosterpoort - Back 7 - 16:30-17:30
Artists, Streaming, Young
English spoken
Did those crazy Belgians actually come up with the egg of Columbus in order to achieve fairer payment of artists for streaming? Or will their take on things turn out to be a Columbus omelette? The EU’s so-called DSM Directive in any case aspires better remunerations for authors and performers (in music but also in audio-visual) for the digital exploitation of their creations. But it also provides member states, to a certain extent, the freedom to choose the mechanisms to do so. Belgium effectively proved the forerunner, but how come other member states did not go that far, while some even haven’t yet transposed the Directive in their legislation? We dissect the question(s) with a panel of key commentators and stakeholders.
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