Inclusiveness & Accessibility

We want everyone to feel welcome at ESNS and make the event as accessible as possible. ESNS is a large-scale event with many venues in the city centre, 300+ acts, hundreds of speakers and a stepping stone for many careers. In short; there are many positive incentives. Yet sometimes it can be too much, which is why in 2023 we had a quiet room for the first time at the conference and during Noorderslag. For ESNS2024, we will further complete this page with details on accessibility.

Music for Everyone

In its organisation, ESNS aspires to be a reflection of the world we live in and the sector in which we work. Under the header 'Music for Everyone', ESNS wants to present concrete results of our efforts to become a more inclusive organisation in 2024.

Working Group Diversity & Inclusivity

After ESNS22, an internal work group was set up, with a representative from each department. This work group meets once every three weeks to discuss the state of affairs within each department and makes plans to safeguard diversity and inclusivity within the organisation.

Advisory Board Diversity & Inclusion

To realise our ambitions, ESNS is starting a new national advisory board of young adults. This advisory board consists of a group of students and (young) professionals who use their expertise, experience and network to make ESNS more inclusive. Within ESNS, they contribute new perspectives and offer both solicited and unsolicited advice.

The advisory board enriches ESNS with new knowledge and insights – by being critical and making new connections all geared towards creating a major social impact. The advisory board learns how the music industry works and establishes a broad network in the sector. Thanks to the exchange of knowledge and experiences, ESNS can continue its developments towards becoming an organisation that is accessible to everyone.

External advice

We seek out advice several times a year in the field of inclusivity, diversity and accessibility. Prior to ESNS23, we sought advice from Revelland about creative accessibility. From which, among other changes, additional directions were added at the Eurosonic Air and plans were developed to make Eurosonic's locations more accessible.

In addition, we have repeatedly sought advice from the Accessible Groningen Working Group (Werkgroep Toegankelijk Groningen) in the field of accessibility in the city. The work group also visits us on the eve of Eurosonic and advises us on location, so that we can make last-minute adjustments.

Finally, we invite BlipVR to attend during ESNS. They will investigate how ESNS is experienced by people with low literacy, and give us advice on how to improve.

Rules of Conduct

Rules of Conduct have been drawn up for ESNS' own organisation, crew, speakers and partners. The organisation shares this annually and actively. Read the Rules of Conduct here.

Confidential advisor

There is an external confidential advisor present for employees and crew of ESNS. They can contact the confidential advisor without the intervention of the management team or other colleagues.


Martin van Engel joined ESNS in September as quartermaster Diversity & Inclusivity. As a D&I advisor to (non-)profit organisations, he set up impact research and inclusion programs, and he also initiated projects himself. Martin will develop an action plan on all four P's (Program, Public, Partners and Personnel) together with the organisation and experts and guide the advisory board.

In collaboration with Hooman Nassimi of New Faces, ESNS will work with newcomers for the upcoming edition. Hooman will support ESNS to create an inclusive organisational culture, by providing knowledge and practical cooperation to give newcomers a structural place within the organisation.

In addition, HR consultancy VIE People has been hired to advise on the more inclusive recruitment of people, the sustainable construction and retention of a more diverse workforce and the strengthening of inclusive employment. Irma Meijer and Susan Aukema advise ESNS on this front. Roy de Brabander has also been coaching the management team for inclusive leadership for a year now.

Research University of Groningen students

How can 21st century festivals become a safe environment for groups that are historically excluded? That is what the students of the University of Groningen will investigate in a large study into diversity and inclusion in the European live music industry.

This research was set up by Lisa Schoemaker (ESNS conference) and Julia Gudzent (Guds Agency) with the ultimate goal of making festivals and concerts a safe place for everyone, both in front of and behind the scenes. The research is in collaboration with the Science Shop of the University of Groningen. They connect issues of organisations with students and education.

The students start with the research at ESNS, in order to understand the actions that are already being carried out on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility and to contribute to these actions. The students each have their own area to focus on:



Eurosonic takes place in over 20 venues in Groningen's city center. Many venues are fortunately wheelchair accessible. Below we list the Eurosonic venues that are not wheelchair accessible:

For these locations additional conditions apply:

Huize Maas, Vismarkt 52: Wheelchair users cannot enter through the main entrance, but they can enter through the door next door. The security guard at the door will be happy to help you.

These are the venues with wheelchair accessible toilets: Grand Theatre, Forum, Praedinius, Machinefabriek, VERA (backstage), ESNS Air.

Stickers ESNS and Eurosonic Air

At the ESNS and ESNS Air bars there will be pointing stickers on the counters, so you can order your drink without having to talk and/or hear. You point out on the sticker which drink you want and how many times you want to order it.

Accessibility ESNS Air

ESNS Air will also take place this year in a large festival tent on the Grote Markt. The tent is wheelchair accessible and a wheelchair accessible toilet is available. ESNS Air is accessible without a ticket.

During ESNS Air there is also a loop available for visitors with an auditory disability.

Safe(r) Space

ESNS believes it is important to feel as safe as possible at the event. Our venue managers have received training before the festival to recognize unpleasant situations and act accordingly. A Safe(r) Space location will be present at the main market to engage in conversation.

Music Interpreter Eurosonic Air

During the shows on Saturday, music interpreter will be present during the shows of Numidia (12:30-13:15), SERA (13:45-14:30) and Roxeanne Hazes (15:00-15:45) at Eurosonic Air.


Noorderslag takes place at De Oosterpoort, Trompsingel 27 in Groningen. This is a wheelchair accessible building, normally used for concerts, performances and other festivals. We use three floors during the festival. There is an elevator, which can be used by wheelchair users. Our staff will be happy to help you. Wheelchair accessible toilets are available. The map of De Oosterpoort can be found here.

Quiet room

During Noorderslag there is a quiet room on the second floor. It is shown on the floor plan. The quiet room is meant to recover from the many stimuli involved in an event like ESNS.


De Oosterpoort

The conference will take place on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday at De Oosterpoort, Trompsingel 27 in Groningen. This is a wheelchair accessible building, normally used for concerts, performances and other festivals. We use two floors during the conference. There is an elevator, which can be used by wheelchair users. Our staff will be happy to assist you. Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are available. There are also wheelchair spaces available in the halls. The floor plan of De Oosterpoort can be found here.

Quiet room

During the conference and Noorderslag there is a quiet room on the second floor. This is shown on the floor plan. The quiet room is meant to take a break from the many stimuli involved in an event like ESNS, and is therefore not available as a workplace.

Flask room

During the conference and Noorderslag, a flask room is available on the second floor. Here we also facilitate a refrigerator. You can check in at the information desk for more information.

Mental Health Support desk (English spoken)

Psychologist and coach Anne Löhr and colleague Marie A. Beau are present at this year's conference with the Mental Health Support desk. On Thursday and Friday, the Support Desk will be by registration. Pre-registration is required and can be done by emailing Please note that the sessions will be in English.

Need help?

Is the answer to your question about accessibility not listed? Mail us via, we will get back to you as soon as possible.