Accelerate the sustainable transformation of the European events sector

An interactive session to move forward – faster and together

Presented by: YOUROPE & Green Deal Circular Festivals
THU - 13:30-15:00 - Flonk - Trompzaal
Event production, Festivals & venues, Sustainability & green
English spoken
How can we move towards sustainability with the whole events and festival sector? 13 organizations* who have a leading role in the European sustainable events sector, joined forces to help European festivals accelerating in their sustainable transformations. They are developing a joint strategy with concrete project proposals to unlock the solutions, best practices and knowledge of frontrunners and make it doable for the whole festival sector to become sustainable. Since the music and events sector is vital for society, their green transformation is necessary to anticipate on the European targets for climate and circularity, ultimately to ensure their future license to operate. What is needed and what can we do to extend the green movement in such a diverse sector on a European level? What are solutions to help the sector really move forward, and how can governments facilitate in this?
Moderator Speakers