Federation of Music Conferences: Round Table

Presented by: ESNS
FRI - 10:30-11:30 - Flonk - Atrium zaal
English spoken
Following up on the Launch Ceremony of the Federation of Music Conferences on January 19th, this meeting is the one about the FAQs of this newly founded trade body. No matter if you are an organizer of a conference, a journalist or even an artist. Please join us for this panel: The founding members of this federation are happy to answer questions and to discuss issues that commonly matters for this organisation. No, this isn’t a workshop, but this roundtable is an opensource format to share information and input. Yes, this federation is a lobby-body of music conferences. But it is the one collectively looking after the needs and interests of today’s music community. Join the Club and find out about the commitment of dialogue that comes along with the Federation of Music Conferences.