IMMF Presents: The data gap between consumers using music and creators

Presented by: IMMF
THU - 15:00-16:00 - Oosterpoort - Kelder
Legal, Politics & Policy, Management, Tech & Innovation, Streaming
English spoken
"There is a data gap between consumers and creators, between those stakeholders who receive the information that music usage generates (i.e. labels, publishers, collective management organisations, promoters) and the creators whose music is used. To bridge the data gap two things are necessary; Metadata: presently intellectual property is labelled, to varying degrees, but the creators, although their artist name is strongly featured, are not identified formally; and Usage data. Digital services are increasingly adept at providing data direct to creators, but data often sits with intermediaries. The opportunity to leverage data is huge. Only creators and consumers are active across all four sectors of the music industry (publishing, brand, live, recording), therefore only creators could aggregate the data from all user activity. Creators with better access to data would be able to make better informed strategic decisions throughout their careers. Just as Google drives hard revenue from soft search enquiries, or Red Bull sells cans of drink using activations, music is shifting from trading assets (the rights owned by labels and publishers) to monetizing the brand of the artist.
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