Nitzan Hoffmann
ESNS 2023
Nitzan is a studio engineer by trade and an active touring musician. She has experience composing for TV, music supervision, producing & studio engineering. Before moving to Berlin and joining the FXR team as a project manager, she worked in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy, where she co-founded and managed ZooStudios. FXR is a music tech startup dedicated to creating a music industry in which all creators and rights holders are compensated correctly. Nitzan manages the private beta as well as the related research project, which is co-funded by the EU as part of its MusicAIRE program. The beta aims to help creators and rights holders get an overview of, and find inconsistencies in, their music royalty payments by harmonizing royalty statements and presenting them in one portal.
Thu 19 JAN - Oosterpoort - Back 9 (down) - 15:00-16:00