Moderator Manfred Tari, Pop100
Speakers Benjamin Feyen, European Parliament / Rob van Wegen, ESNS / Celia Palau Lodge, Blue Cherry / Festival Palestine Music Expo (PMX)

Parliament of Pop: Artists, Audiences & Activism

Presented by: ESNS
FRI - Oosterpoort - Back 9 (down) - 15:00-16:00
Politics & Policy
English spoken
TBDSince multiple crisis are changing the daily life of societies, driving politics and policies in terms of crisis management, it is no surprise that even the shiny little world of pop music is out of tune. While the media reports on popstars in private jets on short haul flights, simultaneously popstars like Brian Adams, Coldplay, Sting sign an open letter to EU Leaders to adopt laws against the global deforestation. Alternatively, Kanye West joins a dinner with a right winger and the former US-President, not to forget to mention that famous artists in China, Egypt, Russia or Turkey are facing jailtime due to critical comments in their home countries. With this in mind, how relevant is the matter of engagement aside from music in historic times? Why does artists and the music community should address their audience with different issues than just the pleasure of music in order to make the world a better place? And, what are the benefits and risks of activism by artists and the music community to raise awareness for other topics than just music?
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