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FRI - 13:30-14:30 - Oosterpoort - Kunstpunt
Festivals, Focus on Spain
English spoken
TBDSpain is a festival nation by nature, with one of the largest numbers of festivals happening in Europe and the world. The impact of festivals in the national, regional and local economy is massive, the variety of regions and experiences makes Spain one of the most attractive countries to visit for festivals. Nearly all 17 autonomous communities have important festivals, some big, some medium and some small or boutique. The Spanish festival experience is unique, most of them start in the evening so the touristic experience prior to the music is a plus for any visitor and for the country itself. Its variety of landscapes, marvelous cuisine, languages, cultures and beaches, make the country a must visit for any music fan. On top of that Spain - because of its kind weather – has a longer festival season than many other European countries, nearly 12 months of the year. Also, for obvious cultural and language reasons, Spanish festivals are unique in talent booking as Spanish fans like both international and local acts.
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