The key to connecting in a polarized world

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FRI - 16:30-17:30 - Oosterpoort - Ballet Lokaal
Diversity & inclusion, Safety & mental health
English spoken
What is more beautiful in life than genuine, real human contact? It transcends listening to a song on Spotify or watching a video on YouTube. The energy in the room, the camaraderie experienced during a performance. Impossible to replicate through a screen. Thankfully. That you then, of all places, come face to face with death... it happened to Ferry Zandvliet and his friends when they attended a concert by the Eagles of Death Metal at the Bataclan in Paris. It doesn’t stop him from continuing to attend concerts and truly connecting with everyone around him. In a world where working remotely and spending the whole day behind your phone or screen has become the norm, as a society, we need more real face-to-face human contact. "You can always add a part of you, your humanity, in everything you do in life. The key to connecting and fostering understanding for each other. Not entirely unimportant in an increasingly polarized world." Ferry now shares his story all over the world... and sometimes with a rocking band. But not today.