Anne Löhr
ESNS: 2023 , 2024
Mental Health in Music
ANNE LÖHR is a certified psychologist, therapist and coach specialized in the creative and music industry. She has been working in the psychiatric and psychotherapeutic setting for over 10 years. After finishing her further education as a certified systemic counsellor and family therapist (DGSF) in 2014, Anne has been freelancing as a coach and therapist, as well as a lecturer and supervisior in her private practice in Berlin. She is working with musicians, bands and various institutions, events and agencies such as RBF, VUT, Landstreicher Booking, IHM, Preis für Popkultur, MISC and INSA Berlin. In 2020 she co-founded „MiM – Mental health in Music“- a union to provide mental health care for the german music industry. Especially in the last year, the MiM has cooperated with several institutions to help musicians and business-related people with workshops and one on one counseling to deal with mental stress and effects of the crisis.
Thu 18 JAN - 10:00-18:00 - Oosterpoort - Mental Health Help Desk
Fri 19 JAN - 10:00-18:00 - Oosterpoort - Mental Health Help Desk