Chris Moorman
ESNS: 2024
Head of Marketing & Communication, Popronde
Chris is head of marketing, pr & communication at Popronde, Holland's largest travelling showcasefestival. Each year Popronde tours throughout the country (42 cities) in 12 weeks, with a selection of the 100 most promising talents. Those talents, varying from indie tot pop, metal to hiphop, electronic to neo-classical, singer/songwriter, rock, ska, jazz etc. get selected by a committee containing over 160 keyfigures in the Dutch scene. Yearly we facilitate over 1300 shows in over 600 venues. Besides Popronde, Chris used to be head of marketing & communication at Welcome to The Village, promoter at FestiValderAa and recording director for tv-shows produced by Double 2 Media (known best for 2Meter Sessies). He also managed indiefolk collective Folk Road Show, was TM for Rondé and Waltzburg and even before that he used to be a musician himself, playing harmonica, percussion and vocals in J'lectroniq and Daniel Cane.
Sat 20 JAN - 13:00-14:00 - Oosterpoort - Binnenzaal