Dražen Baljak
ESNS: 2024
Co-Founder, We Move Music Croatie
Dražen Baljak is an active participant in the Croatian music scene since his first public appearance in 1993. with Unlogic Skill - one of the first European crossover bands. In 1999. he joined Let 3, one of the most popular and acknowledged Croatian alternative rock bands, thus continuing his engagement in the Croatian rock scene to this day being a member/guitar player/performer in Let 3, Mr.Lee & IvaneSky, Mlat, and Ministranti. At the same time, Baljak also managed to achieve a respectable DJ career going by the alias Boo Dale. Baljak has also been known as a promoter and production manager for numerous concerts, events, and festivals in the Rijeka region. He was co- founder, promoter, production manager, and booking manager of one of the most famous and most successful Croatian festivals – Hartera from 2004 to 2014. He was a member of the City of Rijeka's Cultural Council in 2008. – 2011. He is a member of the Croatian freelance artists association since 2015 (HZSU), a member of the board of HUZIP, UNISON, and Porin, a president of Croatian Musicians Union (HGU) from June 2022, and a co-founder of We Move Music Croatia from September 2022.