Edwin Bos
ESNS: 2024
Co-founder, TechTics
TechTics is a new tech consultancy startup, which I founded together with serial tech entrepreneur Martijn Lukaart. TechTics is all about Kickstarting Tech for Good. We collaborate with our clients to develop new tech concepts, create prototypes and test it in practice. Together we work on a sustainable approach. With our own projects we aim to discover future possibilities. Human-machine interaction and driving the adoption of new tech is what makes us tick. Our latest initiative is centered on combatting the issue of cans littering our streets and natural environments, totaling a staggering 150 million cans annually. To address this challenge, our company is currently in the process of developing a mobile robot known as TinTrooper. This innovative robot is specifically designed for outdoor can collection, complementing existing collection points like supermarkets.
Thu 18 JAN - 16:30-17:30 - Oosterpoort - Kelder