Femke Blok
ESNS 2023
Femke Blok has over 10 years of experience in business support within the creative domain. Initially she worked as an event manager for cultural organizations such as Van Gogh Museum, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam (ITA) and Amsterdam Dance Event, among others. With the experience gained, extensive knowledge of the developments in a rapid changing industry and a dense network, she’s now working as a consultant and coordinator in the field of business development; strategy, financing and transition processes. Bringing together diverse parties on shared values and in creative solutions, and aiming to contribute to the development and professionalization of the organization at all times, she has helped several clients to strengthen their position. Currently she is working with Effenaar, supporting their transition in to a smart venue. The rapid emerging of new technologies made it necessary to reflect on the role of the Effenaar as a pop venue, resulting in the realization of a research lab where artists and supporting organizations can experiment with a diverse set of technologies, as well as share newly developed concepts with the public.
Sat 21 JAN - Forum - Cinema 4 - 12:15-13:15