Gijs Bernard
ESNS 2023
Roc Tilburg - KEES Cultuurvrijwilligers - Kunstenbond
Gijs Bernard is active as director at KEES Cultuurvrijwilligers & Onderwijsgroep Tilburg, and also connected with Paradox as a boardmember in Tilburg and the Kunstenbond in Amsterdam. In 2019 o.i.v. Corona took the step to educate MBO - Event producer and also started working as director at KEES. Previously worked at Roadburn, 013 and WOO HAH! and once worked in cd and record retail. In 2022 I joined the crew of The Vorstin in Hilversum for a short period and in '23 I will be part of the 013 staff again as a project leader responsible for the new festival.
Sat 21 JAN - Forum - Cinema 3 - 13:30-14:30