United Kingdom
Lewis Jamieson
ESNS: 2023 , 2024
Music Declares Emergency
Lewis Jamieson is the Communications Director of Music Declares Emergency and a founder member of the organisation. Having worked in the music industry since the early 90’s, Lewis has a wealth of experience of all areas of the business. In 2019, Lewis was one of the founders of Music Declares Emergency alongside other leading industry professionals and recording artists. With a mission to utilise the power of music to engage fans with the conversation around the climate emergency and to encourage sustainable change within the music business, Music Declares Emergency has played a key part in raising awareness of issues, enabling real change across the music industry, and keeping the climate emergency on front pages and airwaves across the UK and beyond.Their declaration of a Climate and Ecological Emergency has amassed over 6000 signatures from music industry organisations, artists large and small, and a swathe of major and independent labels. Lewis currently acts as the Communications Director for Music Declares Emergency, leading the media strategy of the organisation and acting as a spokesperson for their campaigns, using his extensive contacts and music industry knowledge to ensure that music is at the heart of the climate debate.
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