Marina Herlop
ESNS: 2023
Marina Herlop released her third album "Pripyat" in 2022 and everything exploded: World tour, international recognition, the veneration of the press and the crew, the culmination of her mastery and the admiration of artists like Björk herself. The culmination of many things and of a long-term career that she has been building since 2016 when she published her first album just with piano and voice. Marina Herlop studied piano at the Conservatory and although "Pripyat" represents a step forward at the level of experimental production, the piano is still very present. This new album is a contrast to the two previous works: the experimentation focuses on areas such as rhythm and timbre, working with the riff, the beat and vocal harmonisation. Beyond the tools she uses, what defines Marina Herlop is the will to drag music into the future and achieve formulas that seem aesthetically attractive to her. This premise has guided her creative process since her beginnings, giving coherence to all of her work.