Naaz Mohammad
ESNS: 2024
Singer, songwriter
Naaz is an emerging alternative artist, producer, director and songwriter based in Amsterdam. Growing up in a refugee household, Naaz had all odds against her in the world of art. However, her unique Kurdish roots would all but hold her back. With tracks like 'Azadî' and her upcoming Kurdish translation of Stromae's 'L'enfer', she has cultivated herself to be one of the most authentic and pure artists you've heard in a while. With her songwriting praised by legends such as Elton John, she is an inspiration to many young women of colour. This July, she got to be the support act of Queen Lana del Rey, performing for a sold out Ziggodome in Amsterdam (17K cap)! With several Dutch grammy's to her name and five star rated concerts in the most prestigious theaters, Naaz deserves to be heard by you. Another interesting note, Naaz got taken into the consideration list for the members of the Grammy’s 2024! Her debut album - released January 2023 - Never have I ever is an album about redoing life. Pledging not to die with a wish list. A response to trauma that is everything but negative. An album that celebrates trying again. ‘I wish that anyone who hears this album ends up with the thought ‘I never have ever …’ and finally does the thing that first comes up in their minds. It validates your fears, yet still pushes your boundaries. It’s a concept album made to be impactful. To me, it sounds like freedom.’There is a Kurdish saying: ‘Jin, Jihan, Azadî ‘, which means ‘life, women, freedom’. The final song on the album is in Kurdish. It means that there is no life without women, there for there is no freedom until all women are free.
Thu 18 JAN - 15:00-16:30 - Oosterpoort - Kleine zaal